Krystalife was founded in 2019 as a means to share self care tools and tips. We take a holistic approach to self-care that harnesses Earth’s natural resources and tools while providing glimpses into the best kept secrets in complementary and alternative wellness. At KrystaLife LLC, our carefully curated products and expert services are geared toward black women and men who are seeking a space to discover wellness solutions designed solely to meet our unique needs. Our mission is to reconnect and strengthen the relationship between black communities and self-care. As more people deviate from mainstream health practices, demand is increasing for ancient and novel therapies relying on natural products like shea butters, body oils, natural soap, and smudge sticks. At KrystaLife LLC, we aim to meet that demand by making available therapeutic gems, bringing to light special and sacred substances that inspire health, wellness, and joy while assisting with integrative, holistic healing. Our 100 percent natural skincare products restore moisture to skin through soothing scents and sensations that inspire comfort and soul healing.

KrystaLife LLC curates premium quality, natural self-care products designed to meet the unique needs of black women and men.